Life or Work Stewardship Planning



Where are you now? What do you have now? What is working? What is not? 

Stewardship Planning sits you down and really gets you thinking about where you are. You can not get where you are going, if you do not where you are starting from. 

Goals and Objectives

Deeply consider what matters to you. What are your true goals and what values are driving them. Why do you want what you want? What are your desired outcomes?

Describe what you desire your life to be or your work to be. Consider how deeply you long for what you are desiring. Consider what you are willing to do or stop doing to achieve your desired goals and outcomes. 

Consider Your Alternatives

Stay where you are? Take off after the whole list? Choose the most important one and start there or allow your small success to build your momentum for the holistic total outcome? You get to choose- it is your stewardship plan! 

What Practices and Life Choices will you Start-Stop or Keep?

Ugh! Yep- you get to do the work! Time to be honest with yourself. What are you willing to stop and what are you will to start to get you where you want to be? What do you get to keep that supports your goals and objectives? What do you have to do to prepare yourself for change? Who do you need to support you? Who do you have to let go of? What eternal work do you have to do to be ready for your success? 

Schedule of Implementation

Develop a strategy and system that will support your success. How do you want to begin this journey? It is important to implement change in such as way that you are nesting your goals to support the next and so on. Lead yourself by choices down the desire path. Add the CLOCK!  Set specific timelines that will allow you celebrate short term wins  and motivate you through the tough times. 

Specifications and Standards

Design your stewardship plan with a spirit of excellence. NOPE! No 'good enough' here. Require that you will do your best. Your best may vary day to day, but if you are honest with yourself and do your best daily, you will experience peace and rest when you have reached a goal. If you cut your self short- your gut will tell you and sleep will evade you. 


Monitor and Reflect

As you grow take the time to reflect back to the beginning of your Life Stewardship Plan, you will be surprised at how quickly you change. Set up a time to reflect several times a week or do so after a challenge. Monitor how your plan is working, as you change-your plan will need to grow with you. 

Just Keep GOING!

Our lives like the landscapes we live in are forever changing. Stewardship Planning is a holistic system that allows you to return to the process over and over. Any time you develop or discover an area of concern, you can  plan your way out. 

Life Stewardship Planning Workshops and Seminars

Contact me if you are interested in Stewardship Planning. Workshops and seminars are a great way to launch Stewardship Planning for your workplace, church team or a social group. Life or Work Stewardship Planning creates a system and structure that will buttress your success. 

One on One Coaching

I available to work one on one with you as your build your Stewardship Plan. I am happy to  stay with you as long you wish. Coaching is helpful to keep you moving forward. Having some one to listen and encourage is nice in this very busy world. I  am honest and will do my best to keep you honest with yourself. 

You will know it is time, when it is. Get is touch- lets change you life-scape.