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I have spent over 20 years in conservation planning on the remote range and timberlands in Northern California. The amazing people who work and live in these remote regions, demonstrate leadership skills and a level of grit I find fascinating. Inspired by them and other characters in these mountains I call home, I began to study and explore human behavior and leadership. The landscapes they live on came alive to me as the pages of their generational legacy.  Soaking in stories and wisdom I fell in love with the people of the land as much as the land I was walking on. I desire to share these experiences and my personal story with others in hopes of inspiring people to steward their lives and personal environments well. 

I recently graduated with my Masters in Organizational Leadership. I combine my leadership knowledge with the wisdom learned on the landscape to created Life Stewardship Planning.  Taking the same principles I used to help landowners develop conservation plans to improve their working landscapes, I now help people develop Life Stewardship Plans.  Life Stewardship Planning is a process driven by you to develop a simple or holistic plan to address areas of concern in your life or career. 

Speaking, teaching and coaching at home and around the country, my boot strap humor and real life grit keep people laughing and thinking. Change is never easy, but neither is staying the same. My hope is to impart valuable lessons, empower you with tools for growth and embrace you in the process.  

My dad gave me his gift of  storytelling,  I love sharing the stories and the life lessons I have collected over the years. Stories have a unique way of teaching us lessons, wisdom and gently reminding us that life is valuable. It is reasonable to expect each one of us to steward and lead our lives well, reaching toward that place where we soar. My hope is that my stories, my belief in people, my love for life  and Life Stewardship Planning will be that combination that gets you there. 

We all have a leader inside of us, so let's develop the LEADER IN YOU!

BS Rangeland Resource Science Humboldt State University

MA Organizational Leadership Simpson University 

California Agricultural Leadership Program Class 43




Life has not been easy for any of us, we all live through our unique challenges. Do we allow our challenges to defeat us or do  we grow from them?  My hearts desire is to Impart a message that helps you discover your value. Empower you with tools and strategies to lead  yourself well, and to Embrace you on your journey. 

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Being Kind is Powerful


I was given this as a compliment one day by an older gentlemen who attended my church. In his raspy voice while holding my hand, he looked into my eyes and said "you are powerful and kind". His compliment inspires me to this day- there truly is power in kindness.

Be kind to yourself, give yourself permission to grow and improve, and you will discover the power you were born for.




One on One Coaching

 with Life Steward Planning supports you as you build on your strengths and address your personal and professional concerns. Coaching is a great way to hold yourself accountable and keeps you focused. 

Workshops and Seminars


Workshops and Seminars are a great way for  your team or group to grow together.  I am able to customize content to meet your needs or I  have many prepared topics to choose from. I promise to bring laughter, grit, compassion and truth. I will do my best to leave you empowered, equipped and motivated. 



A gifted story teller, speaker and lover of laughter, my leadership lessons come alive for the audience. Enjoyable and provocative, I will leave you laughing, touched and thinking. 

If you are looking for someone who can bring a authentic, wholesome, warm and inspiring message, contact me! 


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